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Pattern of a sinusoidal signal

Measurement of incoming signal in Digital Signal Processing field is an important task which can be used to show the amplitude and frequency of the signal. More »

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Research activities at Universitas Pattimura

Research is an academic pillar of a university. It is a field where theory mastered in the classroom is tested and applied. The advanced in research of a university would widen its footprint in the global academic world. More »


Research Leader-H.I. Elim, Ph.D


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Website: http://lemlit.unpatti.ac.id/researcher-h-i-elim/

Elim Heaven, 22-6-2016-profile


Hendry Izaac Elim,

How to develop Education in This world?

My Opinion:

You have to pursue GOD (Ya-H-We-H = TUHAN, Deu. 4:6-7; John 14:6) and His Love (God is Love, but love is NOT GOD, 1 John 4:16,18).Ref.: [0]. Holy Bible, Prov. 21:21 in this 21st Century.

What you can get after you pursue His wisdom and Knowledge? (Isa. 40:13; Rom. 11:33) 

My Opinion:

[1]. Eternal Life (John 14:6);

[2]. The Truth (Jesus Christ is the Truth Himself);

[3]. His Hidden Treasures (Prov. 21:21; etc. All written in Holy Bible)

Time that travels to heavenly decision, 3-8-2016


S.Si-UGM (B.Sc, 95), M.Si-ITB (M.Sc, 99), Ph.D-NUS (13/12/2005)
Researcher (Research Fellow Type B, 10/2004-1/2006)-under Prof. Lee Jim Yang
Postdoctoral (1/2006-9/2007)-NUS (under Prof. Ji Wei),
Senior PostDoctoral (Research Asst. Prof., 10/2007-3/2012)-IMRAM Tohoku Univ.
(under Prof. T. Kaino & Prof. T. Adschiri, plus Prof. O. Sugihara)
A Researcher at Surya Univ., Tangerang (2/2013-5/2013: Under Dr. David Mendels)

Is Our Father of Science A BeAutY?

Is Our Father of Science A Beauty, 1 John 5=7-8 4 sharing

(Elim Heaven)

My Motto: GOD (Ezek. 14:14,20) is in front, Man is behind HIM and Money is next to man. 

Dr. H.I. Elim=Elim Heaven, Google Scholar, 22-6-2016

16th rank among ~272 Indonesia best scientists, 2nd May 2016


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Who is Brighter : His PerSonAl or His sun? he..he..

who is brighter His Personal or His sun, 10-3-2016

4 sharing 4 God people and those who had been chosen to know Jesus Christ by God, the Father

h index and researcher quality, 31st Jan. 2016


Chairman of PPNRI-LEMLIT = Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation (NRC&IC).

Office : Jl. Ir. Martinus Putuhena, Rumah Tiga-Poka, Ambon

Lembaga Penelitian, Universitas Pattimura, Ambon, Indonesia 97233.

Private contact number: +62-81218648472

Website: http://lemlit.unpatti.ac.id/?page_id=344

or http://lemlit.unpatti.ac.id/researcher-h-i-elim/

Email: hendry.elim@staff.unpatti.ac.id; hendry.elim@fmipa.unpatti.ac.id;   (UNPATTI Email)

               hendryelim@gmail.com; elimheaven@yahoo.com.au 

Website(s): A PhysICs Lecturer UNPATTI

                         Head of Lab. N4PN; 

                         Chairman of PPNRI-LEMLIT

                         Chief Editor (Editor-in-Chief) of JAMFAS

                         A Group Leader of Theoretical Physics Group

                         Chairman of MrCE (In Progress)

Elim Heaven, PhD

Anggota Grup Fisikawan Teoretik Indonesia, 10-6-2016

Group of Indonesian Theoretical Physicist

ILMU from GOD, not from Man, Jer. 51:17; Heb. 11:1-40.4 My website at PPNRI-LEMLIT


In Case, If you want to know My Science & Faith:

My Science & My Faith, 23rd Jan. Matt. Isa 7=14


O God & The Building of UNPATTI

O God and the building of UNPATTI, Captured on 14th Nov. 2015


Happy birthday Dio Spirito, My Teacher, Gen. 1=2-3, John 14=17

WP_20151028_09_31_27_ProALL Human being r stupid because statue no spirit, Jer. 51:17.

Social Network:

Invited Info Maluku 2016 Festival Pendidikan, 29 Jan 2016

[1]. Google + : Hendry Izaac Elim

[2]. Facebook: Elim Heaven (My New Name: Not detected on earth officially)


Society Impact Behavior: “Physics is fun”


His American Corner’s Activities:

For Sharing to God people-Elim Heaven & His American Corner Activities

Creative Expert’s Field:

27 important areas in Maluku: 1st time published (TuESday, 3rd Nov. 2015):

The wicked question (Psalms 73:11) ?

O God answer:

Earth was made 11.73 billions year after universe was created by GOD called as Dio Spirito (Gen. 1:2-3; John 14:17,26; He did it by using Water, 2 Pet. 3:5).

27 important areas in Maluku-1st published, 3rd Nov 2015

[1]. Bible in Sciences: Facts versus Science Fictions:


1.1. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven),  Pembangunan Sains dan Teknologi Bermutu lewat
Pembangunan Integritas Manusia, JAMFAS, Vol. 1, pp.1-7 (2015). In Press.;

H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven as A Plenary speaker),

“Building Science and Technology through the Building of Human Integrity” (Dr. H.I. Elim-paper), 

                           Proceeding International Seminar on Character Building Through

                           Education and Sciences, All Deans of ~30 FKIP-Indonesia meeting in Ambon

on 13-14th November 2015.  ISBN: 978-602-73668-0-0. 

1.2. E. Heaven, In Progress. 

Perjamuan KASIH (A happy services after 17th Dies Natalis of FMIPA UNPATTI @ Imperial Restaurant among scientists from Pattimura Univ., Kyoto Univ. , Padjajaran Univ., & Univ. Kebangsaan Malaysia):

Perjamuan Kasih-17th Dies Natalis FMIPA, 4 June 2015, Imperial Restaurant-Pelantikan-300x225

[2]. Theoretical Physics: Boundary Effects in Quantum Mechnanics

[3]. Nonlinear Theoretical Physics: Zakharov-Shabat Scheme in Nonlinear Schodinger Differential Equations

12 people with 1 Hans Wospakrrik already passed away due to leukemia-WP_20160211_022


The blue T-shirt is Prof. Nail N. Akhmediev (A prominent NLO Scientist from ANU, Australia) who was the Invited Speaker at ITB in 1998.

[4]. Nonlinear Nanophysics: Nonlinear Optics in New Nanomaterials

Our current accepted paper:


  1. Journal: The Journal of Physical Chemistry
    Part: Part C: Energy Conversion and Storage, Optical and Electronic Devices,
    Interfaces, Nanomaterials, and Hard Matter
    Section: C: Physical Processes in Nanomaterials and Nanostructures
    Please note that the final decision on journal Part and Section remains with the
    journal Editors.
    Title: "Length Dependence of Ultrafast Optical Nonlinearities in Vertically Aligned
    Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films"
    Authors: Elim, Hendry; Zhu, Yan Wu; Sow, Chorng Haur
    Manuscript ID: jp-2016-03651r.R3

[5]. Superhybrid Materials: A Good Collaboration between Organic Matrix and Quantum Dot (Iota, The 9th in Greek).

[6]. Superfibers from All Types of Natural Garbage (4 Example in Marine Wastes).

[7]. Bio-memrane(s) from All types of Natural Garbage.

[8]. Seen Things (“Sinting”) versus Unseen Things (“Ant Sinting”), Phili. 4:7-8 The 8 wisdom of God.

[9]. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven), et. al. (2016), JESE B 4, pp.620-623 (2015).

Academic Publications, Number of Citations and h-index:

[1]. ResearcherIDhttp://www.researcherid.com/rid/C-5328-2008

[2]. Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Hendry_Izaac_Elim/stats

[3]. Orcidhttp://orcid.org/0000-0002-4272-7115

[4]. http://arXiv.org

[5]. Scopushttp://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.url?authorId=6603207737

Chief Editor of JAMFAS (has been released the 1st few accepted papers).

My Current research students, Vico, James and Ruth, 18-1-2016

In The NEWS:
At Wikipedia
At NetSains (A Private Interview about An Indonesia Physicist in The field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 1st time and 2nd time)

Patent Pending:

[1]. CNT from sopi as a natural precursor (HKI patent pending):

HKI Patent pending, CNT from sopi as anatural precursor, 18-3-2016


My Past Research Students:

[1]. Working in Superfibers and Devices:

The following graduated students are My 1st full time research students:
1. Elfira M. Ferdinandus, (NIM: 2010-77-021) B.Sc, graduated on 27th August 2015.
2. Heny Nikijuluw, (NIM: 2010-77-039) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.
3. Zainal Sariwon, (NIM: 2010-77-022) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.
4. Nadiyatul Khairiyah Latukau, (NIM: 2010-77-024) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.
5. Siti Desiana Hurasan, (NIM: 2010-77-020) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

Siti DH, My 1st student-WP_20151127_10_08_23_ProMy 1st Research Student, Siti DH  graduated on 27th August 2015. 

Wisuda 27 Agustus 2015-12196103_852964801488738_19815280618220635_n
Here are the graduated research students who were supervised by Me as their 2nd supervisor:
1. Eliyas Andreas, (NIM: 2010-77-012) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

Elias Tupan, graduation B.Sc-27th august 2015
2. Diana Wuritimur, (NIM: 2010-77-007) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.



3. Priscilya Waas (NIM. 2011-77-046, Graduated on 5th Nov. 2015).

4. Joevanny Ririhena, S.Si

2nd supervising student-Joevanny ririhena, S.Si-12369123_872763046175580_4090295125371009823_n


Our 1st paper from PPNRI-LEMLIT-UNPATTI-2015


What happen if something like these types of rubbish in front of your eye?

My Current Research Students:

[1]. Working in Superfibers and Devices:

1. Vico Leunufna (NIM. 2011-77-034)

2-3 people gathered, God is there:

2-3 people-God is there-WP_20151203_10_13_49_Pro

2. James Hematang (NIM. 2011-77-057)

i treat my students like My firends, NOT like servants, 23rd Feb. 2016-TuESday

[2]. Working on Biomemrane from natural wastes:

The following are my 1st 4 research students who are working on bio-membrane from bio-rubbish materials:

1. Murniati Ode (NIM. 2011-77-003)

2. NisyeSilvia Parera (NIM. 2011-77-007)

3. Meggie S.P. Talanila (NIM. 2011-061)

4. Ruth Kelmaskosu (NIM. 2011-77-032)

My 1st 4 research students at biomemrane rubbish research, 28-2-2016 picture taken

[3]. Working on hill’s plants garbage:

  1. Susan Dahoklory (NIM: 2011-77-001)
  2. Lily Dahoklory (NIM: 2011-77-024)
  3. Bellatrix Matitakapa (NIM: 2011-77-025)

JCR day2-Penjelasan Alpha = Linier Abs Coeff to Susan, Lily & Bellatrix, 1st March 2016


Characters & Theological Talks:

[1]. File presentation – only 2 slides-ILMU-IMAN=what do you think, 23rd Jan 2016



My Motto of eternal Life:

We served Our Heavenly FATHER (LORD, Ezek. 38:23), NOT men, Col. 3:23.

Coming International Conferences (C-ICs):

[1]. The 5th Annual World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries-2016 (WCAF-2016), initiated from 2012, had been successfully organized in Dalian (2012 & 2014), Hangzhou (2013), and Qingdao (2015) attracted more than 1000 participants from 40 countries.

Info WCAF Nov 4-6, 2016

[2]. Science and Technology Festival, Indonesia 2016 in BSD Serpong city, 3-5 Oct. 2016

Science & Tech Festival, BSD Serpong, Tangerang, 3-5 Oct 2016

Another Scientists works:

[1]. In Biomembranes

[2]. In Gravitational waves

[3]. In Nanofibers

[4]. In Optical Sensors

[5]. In Nanodevices

[6]. In Phenomenological Physics

[7]. In Science Philosophy


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Website: http://lemlit.unpatti.ac.id/researcher-h-i-elim/