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Pattern of a sinusoidal signal

Measurement of incoming signal in Digital Signal Processing field is an important task which can be used to show the amplitude and frequency of the signal. More »

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Research activities at Universitas Pattimura

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Research at PPNRI-LEMLIT

Research at PPNRI-LEMLIT


Nanotechnology Research Center and Innovative Creation


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In order to do an excellent research work in nanoscience and nanotechnology, we started our work based on a multidisciplinary work which involves many different fields including applied physics and engineering.

We worked at least 2 to 3 researchers collaboration both nationally and internationally cooperation.

The main topics of our works are based on simple novel research involving a multidisciplinary and inter-fields collaboration. In short, we started our work from the following thinking: 1. The Truth, 2. From The Truth to Theology, 3. From Theology to Philosophy, 4. From Philosophy to Arts, and  finally, 5. From Arts to Sciences. This idea based on our fear to The Almighty GOD called in Hebrew as YaHWeH (TUHAN in Indonesia language, Luk. 12:5).

Here for example our works:

Accepted JPC C 1-8-2016

to be published Working like KataK diLuAr TEMpurUng, 12-3-2016

RIRN Universitas Pattimura, 26th Jan. 2016

Is it possible to get 5 minutes paper submission with any format?

5 minutes submission process with any formate, 18-1-2016

Research Links:

1. Free Pdf Currect Papers (both under reviewed or have been accpeted and published kin an International Journal):


2. Check your academics achievements:


3. Make your own Researcher ID freely and it will then links your Web of Science:


4. Just suggest you: Do your best daily with simple thing best.

5. Unpatti e-journals: http://ejournal.unpatti.ac.id/

6. Nature Energy

Indonesia Research Grant Institution

Daftar Pustaka 

[1]. Holy Bible: Philipians. 4:7-8; John 14:17; Prov. 6:2,6,10.
[2]. H.I. Elim, unpublished (http://elimheaven-com.webs.com)
[3]. H.I. Elim, Not for sale original Spiritual Arts Collections (http://jesus13christministry.webs.com).
[4]. H.I. Elim, et. al, 2015, accepted at International Conference QiR-Lombok.
[5]. H.I. Elim, 2015, abstract submitted to CLEO-South Korea (no news of acceptance).
[6]. H.I. Elim, 2015, presented as A Keynote Speaker at International Seminar of 17th FMIPA-UNPATTI Dies Natalis.
[7]. H.I. Elim, et. al. 2015, 1st International conference on Applied Marine Science and fisheries Technology, Poltek Tual, Southeast Maluku, Indonesia.

[8]. H.I. Elim, et al., In Preparation to International Journals (based on Phili. 4:7-8: 8 Wisdoms of God)

[9]. H.I. Elim (Elim Heaven), et al., JESE B 4, pp. 620-623 (2015) (Invited paper).

Elim, et al, JESE B 4, pp.620-623, 2015

How to find: “Palungan” House, The Place where I currently stay (Prov. 21:2; Jer. 17:10):  

…God with Us….

The animals surrounding God


PROFILE            RESEARCH               GROUP               CONTRIBUTIONS         Publications